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About Adoption 3

“In a strange land most persons are strangers to each other (and) wherever large assemblies of people settle, there will be orphans,” wrote John Pascoe Fawkner in his own Port Phillip Patriot 5/5/1846. The category of orphans also covered foundlings,...

About Adoption 2


Researching my grandmother’s life gave me new perspectives on child care, and how our sense of identity and concept of ‘self’ is formed or malformed by changing social culture. A child of the Gold Rush, her immediate family was her only security in a chaotic frontier township without facilities. At her death a century later, society had reshaped itself around her into an individualistic culture founded on technology, where she could sit in front of a television watching rockets to the moon.

About Adoption 1

My own experience? For seven decades adoption has been a part of my life. As a teenage office girl it was my job to greet incoming single mothers coming to relinquish their babies, and provide cups of tea for those who broke down as they handed them over to my boss. I...