Secrets and Silences

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Aimee’s sense of identity is shattered by a stranger at the door – another mother.
The revelation undermines the close family relationships that confine Aimee. She seeks solitude to re-invent herself, but is soon challenged by unexpected responsibilities. Ill-equipped for these she has to grow up fast.
Silences are broken and dramas erupt that dissipate her naïve expectations as she shuttles between city and country, seeking to define who she really is.
Who will give her back that lost sense of belonging?


1 review for Secrets and Silences

  1. Niesje Hees

    “Secrets and Silences” successfully explores the complexity of family relationships, which most will relate to whether they are adopted or not. The book captures the claustrophobia of families while at the same time understanding the closeness and unavoidable sense of obligation that is part of family life. It is insightful in exposing the harsh reality that members of your family may not be completely likable even if you can’t help feeling deep love. It is clear that Dorothy feels a close bond with the area and landscape she writes about, as well as the flawed characters she has created. The question of “nature vs nurture” is a key theme, as well as the way crises bring out unexpected human strengths as well as frailties. There are no “pat answers” and the book offers hope without simplistic solutions, the need to live your life as an individual often conflicting with the need to belong.

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