Secrets and Silences


When a stranger comes to the door with a devastating secret, nineteen-year-old Aimee faces unsuspected family realities, leaving her confused and alone. Still inexperienced and always protected, how will she find her place in the wider world? Relatives both help and hinder as unpredictable responsibilities direct her pilgrimage to reconstruct her emerging self, and discern the real meaning of Love.



My Mate Jock


Jock sets off for Gallipoli but Charlie is too young to share the great adventure with his mate. Yet he too has risks to take and dangers to face. How else are the women and children of the forest Settlement to get their living from the fire-prone, shaft-ridden, inaccessible Dandenong Ranges without their menfolk?

Paperback $14.99 + postage

Monulk – Living in the Dandenongs


Takes you back to the first explorers describing their Aboriginal guides. You’ll also encounter botanists, timber men, surveyors and gold diggers battling through impenetrable wilderness. In the 1890s, families run from the Depression to seek a living on ten-acre survival blocks with no facilities. These courageous people have stories to tell of fire and flood, death and disaster. Mutually-supportive settlers become a close-knit community as they seek an income.

If you love the Dandenongs, these stories will add an appreciation of the shadows of the past and add substance to Monbulk’s modern near-suburban reality.

Hardcover 300 pages

$49.99 + postage

Found Alone and Wandering


Desperate loneliness, or blissful solitude? In your wanderings through time and space you may find yourself alone in very different circumstances. You may be loneliest in a crowd, or let nature connect you with the universe and beyond. In these stories you will share the experiences of women, children, old soldiers, a ghost, a murderer and some cats, as they wander through the landscapes of south-eastern Australia, with glimpses of Papua New Guinea and New Zealand.


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