Sunset in Silver and Black

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Monbulk, Poetry

Windwires and fibrillating larksong

over John’s Hill –

Veiled orb silvers leaves, draws colour

from charcoal bands striping pale fields,

dazzles on distant sea spread low

far down beneath the hazy wrinkled plain.


Wingflashing lark

rises on the up-beat.

Glint of drowned valleys fades

to overlay of shadow wash.

Inland it’s clear. Mountain clefts

bleed black and sinuous.


All the silvered surfaces

of pleasure lake and window shine

fade to darkening memories

of dark feet winding up dark valleys,

nevermore emerging where the valleys meet.


Lark quivers to the gentle grass.

Down in the meeting place

mopoke wakes to this night’s mourning.


(First published 1983)